The Language of New Media Chapter 3

In chapter three, The Operations, from Lev Manovich’s The Language of New Media the topic of teleaction is discussed in detail. Teleaction is a word I had not seen before reading this chapter and a simple definition of it is the access of new media through computer hardware and software. The “tele” prefix gave an early clue as to this term referring to something that is far away. Manovich even states himself that “… once we begin with tele-, we are no longer dealing with the traditional cultural domain of representation. Instead, we enter a new conceptual space, which this book has not explored so far-telecommunication.”

An example of teleaction that Manovich uses is a web camera setup and broadcasting a remote location.  While we are not physically at the location that is being shown we can still see what is happening there in real time. In that sense though I guess one could say that live television programming is a form of teleaction as well because the viewer is seeing something from far away as it is happening.

In fact as I read further, the author does mention differing types of teleaction. These are telepresence, image-instruments, and telecommunications. He describes telepresence as controlling an object from far away and being able to see as if you were actually there and moving with it. Image-Instruments are the use of representations and the motion of them. A map is a good example of an image instrument.  Last, but not least, Manovich talks about telecommunication as teleaction. I suppose this is where live television would fall into place. Telecommunication surrounds us in the present day. From news, weather, sporting events. The use of telecommunication as an informative and entertainment tool is limitless it seems.

This image I found represents telecommunications fittingly:


     Along with that I found a link to a youtube video that shows the NASA  Rover broadcasting images from Mars. The telepresence example Manovich used of the movie Titanic made me thing of this.


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